Tuesday, September 6, 2011

God's grace

So, obviously a huge transition for Kim and I as we move down to Baton Rouge and get started down here.  While our house sells in White House, we've decided to rent down here.  So, we go into the apartment office to sign the lease and wrap it all up, when we see this:

One of a looong string of signs that God is and will be with us here.  And today, one of the other people working with Kim in her LSU office mentioned that she'd like to speak with me about their financial planning! 

And so we live largely out of blind faith as we walk through each day, doing our best to follow where God leads when we don't know entirely where we're going, where He is leading (or where He is!), and without (it seems to us) many resources to make things happen. . For business, I'm calling the people I can think of to meet, doing my best to set things up, and it seems that God is putting people in our path to take care of us in the meantime. 

May we continue to trust in our Lord, even when we struggle to do so.  May we continue to wrestle with Him and seek to walk under His wings.