Wednesday, October 24, 2012


If I die at age 100 and look back, I imagine that I'll have spent an entire life floating between a life of extremes, trying to grasp the balance that lays in the middle.  We see this lived out for us daily in our lives...the way we spend money, the political rhetoric, talk shows, tv, movies, and we see it in the way we one day have plenty of energy and pretty soon are exhausted.

I'm exhausted.

For a solid 2 months now I've been working my tail off (and thank God!).  It's been exceedingly busy this month with very productive conversations and meetings, but my mind and body are on the edge of failure.  It's times like this that rest is so very important.  And if I don't make time for rest, my body will- it will simply give out.

So, I cut out early today to find a little more balance between working hard and being wise.  Wisdom tells us work diligently when the harvest comes, but do so in a way where we don't die in the process.  So, I'll take that option and see if it doesn't end at a better destination.