Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Applebee's: the new coffee shop

So, a friend and I were going to meet up at Starbucks but they were packed with no parking available. We decided to go down the road about half a mile to another coffee shop. It turns out that it closed at 3pm. So, we went to a place where no one would be at 3pm...Applebee's. It is a real tragedy that's Applebee's is the third string coffee shop here. Whatever happened to the Coffee shop on every corner, on every street, ever few blocks?

Oh. That was Nashville.

Well, bring on snowball season! I pref to have a snowball stand on every street anyway. Snowballs always taste better than the best coffee. That's been imperically proven through a double blind study.

So, beyond the ramblings of the first part of this entry I do have something to say. It will have to wait though. My friend just arrived.

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