Friday, April 22, 2011

May We Weep

Today is Good Friday.  The day when our Lord willingly gave himself over to be destroyed for our sake.  So, as we all celebrate together our Lord and what he is doing, let us find ourselves in a deeper love for one another...

...As you may have picked up over my previous writings, I've found myself more in-tune with my struggle to love the Church.  It turns out, I have a big problem with people who are claiming to follow Christ while hurting other people, be it with words, actions, or in action.  There are so many screwed up things happening today in Christian circles that often times its hard to believe it has anything at all to do with this Person we know as Jesus. 

In writing, I seek to journey through these questions raised by all of us in an effort to know Christ better.  And by questioning the vocalized doctrine, tradition, actions, and beliefs of the talking heads in Christian circles, maybe we can better understand the Person of Jesus.  Because honestly, there is a lot of mystery in our Lord yet to be discovered!

So, today let's all mourn the death of our Lord and prepare to celebrate this Sunday.  But let us also mourn the afflictions and struggles of His people.  Let us weep over the broken Church.  Because through mourning we are healed.  Through tears our struggles are identified and acknowledged and peace can infuse with our souls.  May we celebrate this weekend not only the resurrection of our Lord, but of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  May we celebrate the rebirth of the children of God as we enter new life through Jesus; a life of love, compassion, mercy, humility towards our fellow humans. 

Because whether we know it or not, like it or not, want it or not, we're all the children of God.  Some of us are nearer to Him than others, some know Him more than others, and some running to and others away from Him.  But our Lord made each of us in His own image, as His children here on earth.  May we all be reborn into a life in which we honor our fellow brothers and sisters no matter what race, religion, ethnicity, or country in which we were born.  It's time to hammer our swords into plows and join together in this world as family.  And for all the places we do not see this happening, may we weep.

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