Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rob Bell: Leading us back to God

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go and hear Rob Bell speak.  If you aren't aware of Bell, I'd recommend you read one of his books: Velvet Elvis or Jesus wants to save Christians.  Both are excellent reads and help us rediscover who God is instead of what we have come to believe from all the false beliefs invading our hearts and minds.

Over the past two weeks Rob has been on a book tour and on a journey of the "worst two weeks of his life."  Why the worst two weeks?  Because it turns out that people can generate a lot of anger and hatred when someone expresses a view or belief that is different than their own.  It's been unbelievable the condemnation that has sprung up from lots of leaders in christian America.

By the way, if you want to read a much better blog than mine on this subject, read this one.

What pains me is the fact that so many people can be so destructive against anyone on this planet!!!  I don't care of you disagree with Rob Bell.  But if you wail against his works and against him as a person how is that showing any love towards God or other people?  Is not this attack against him simply an obvious sign that the attacker has abandoned God's call for us to love Him and others?!

This is why it is ever-increasingly difficult for me to have any affection for the church.  I'm starting to think that I'd like the christian American church to disband; it would likely do more good than harm if it did so.  Instead, a threat to theology, doctrine, or some other man-made idea causes an all out war against the very nature of who God is.  Why would we sacrifice the love of God for a belief system?

**I have purposely not capitalized the words christian and church today as my small way of protesting the way our faith has been dishonored with these events***

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