Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rested and Ready

It's 6:38pm Sunday night.  Kim's making sugar cookies while we both listen to Pete's live message from  And we're ready to head back.  After about a month of sabbatical I think we've both found what we were looking for.  It's not that we've reached some stage of self-actualization from Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but instead, found what we needed.

For both of us, we've had a wonderful opportunity to slow down, to rest, to breath.  Especially for Kim, she's had an opportunity to think for herself and without the persuasion of all of those around us in life, church, work, and home.  She's really had a chance to process through what she believes and what she can commit to doing to serve.  It's amazing how much we run non-stop in every aspect of life and don't take enough time to process things.  It's been a wonderful time for both of us.

For me, I'm more at peace, less critical/cynical, more in-tune with what matters, more aware of the truth that this world we're living in is not the end.  We're headed to another.  A renewed Earth.  It's what my heart longs for and what strikes me when I see this world as it is.  It's the sadness, the sickness, the fear, the anxiety that comes from participating and watching this world not as it is supposed to be but as it is.  It's as if our Lord has placed a tugging on my heart that isn't going away.  There is a reason that my heart is unsettled...we live in an un-restored Earth.  And He will make all things new!  It just hasn't come to fruition yet.

So, we've got some time left, you and I.  What will we do with this life we have?  How do we live in such a way to honor our Lord, to enjoy this life, to look after the least of us, and set our sights on the life ahead?  I don't have a full answer to any of those questions yet, but I look forward to the journey.

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