Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do Not Disturb

So I get the idea of not wanting to be uncomfortable by someone calling unexpectedly, but shouldn't our desire to build community, strengthen the Kingdom, and serve God trump our comfort?

Two friends of mine are going into missions and are in need of building support.  To do this, they have to speak with many people to gain financial support while they are in the mission field.  So, naturally they must call on people and network to find people who are willing to give and help them meet this goal.  With this in mind, Kim and I have committed to help them by connecting them to others who may be able to do similarly.

So we sent out some emails to people to simply connect our friends to others and were surprised by some of the responses we received.  A few people are excited and looking forward to speaking with them. A few others replied back to me that they didn't want my friends contacting them although they believed in what they were trying to accomplish.  They didn't like the idea of a stranger calling them. Why not at least listen and see how they can help? Why are we often simply afraid of being too uncomfortable with a mere phone call to step out and help one another?

Why do we let this or anything else keep us from responding in any other way other than open arms to our brothers and sisters?   When given an opportunity to help someone else, why would we turn away?  We could help through prayer, friendship, financially, networking...but instead, we simply refuse to be disturbed!

How often do we keep our doors locked, arms closed, and phone off so that we won't be disturbed by others who are simply asking for help? Surely, this isn't what Christ meant when he said whoever wants his life must lose it. How do we unwind our do not disturb lifestyles?

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