Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Kim came home and the first words from her mouth were that a classmate committed suicide.

No one saw it coming. He always engaged in class discussions, was outgoing, soon to be married, had a good job…so what happened?

Back in high school I knew a girl who was in a guitar class of mine. She seemed to be the girl who craves love deeply but finds none in her life stemming from her earlier years of abuse. At the time, she was dating someone who you could tell was in it for something other than love. She didn't own much courage or strength. She was a puppy ignored by its owner but still holding on for hope that his heart would turn to love.

Since we were in guitar class together I thought it appropriate to take time to help her learn guitar better and while doing so co-write a song with her. She didn't think she could write so instead it turned into me listening to her story and then sculpting a song from the heart as if I were her. Here is that song (sweetly as if a soft yet emotional prayer):

V1: Don't look at me, I'm not pretty anymore
These days have drawn me weak, I can take no more

V2: I'm exhausted inside, feeling so out of place
How could I deny, your loving face

B: I'm so weary, You are so strong
Let me rest in You to carry on
I'm so desperate, for your love
Let me rest in Your gentle arms

C: Lay with me tonight, Drive away my fears
Lay with me tonight, Wipe away my tears
I'm breaking away from this world

V3: I am one alone, left here so long ago
I long to see Your face, to feel Your sweet embrace
(B, C)

When Kim came home with the story of her classmate I thought of this girl. Because something happened the moment I played this song for her for the first time. Through the tears in her eyes I saw straight into her heart. It's as if this song had helped heal her in some way. I can't help but wonder if these were the words that she wanted to say but couldn't on her own. And I can't help but believe that having one other human being truly know her heart, she was healed in some way.

Now, seven years later, am I still helping to heal others hearts? Whose life have I impacted in this way recently? It's time to wake up! No more sleeping through this life that has been set before us!

Can any of us stand by and let one more life be lost? When all it takes is a song to be written, a conversation to be had, hope restored, and a life forever changed.

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