Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I recently read a blog by a friend of mine, Marty Williams (http://www.untwistmysoul.blogspot.com/) and it inspired me to create my own.  So, here's a go at it.

It's interesting how strong yet fragile we all are.  When faced with threat or catastrophe we often find hidden strength to survive or even save others.  Through natural disasters the best of us become bold and lead others to safety, we jump in front of the bullet, we protect our children and families.  When called to action, we answer.

Yet, we live as if there is no call to action, as if we have no idea how to reach our potential.

Take the TV show "the biggest loser" for example.  Episode after episode depicts heavily obese people finally realizing their own mortality and awakening the desire to lose weight to save their lives.  Undoubtedly, they previously had looked themselves in the mirror and didn't see the reality: their weight is literally killing them.

Enter: life change.

It takes a life-transforming experience to discover what was plainly in their vision all along.  And with this discovery of truth, their courage is strengthened and they lose 100 pounds, gaining their life back in the process.

How many of us are waiting for the wake-up call in our lives?  Is reality staring right back at us in the mirror, yet we are blind to see it?

It's startling to think that we may have a life-threatening problem like these people and not know it.  Could there be something obvious in my life that I'm missing and God is whispering to me to address?  Can I not hear Him?

Marty used to tell me that one of his daily prayers was that God wouldn't have to get his attention, but that He would always have it.  Makes sense.  God knows that it takes significant shifts in our lives to get our attention; it's less painful to simply stay connected to Him.  And I guess that's what Kim and I have learned most this past year: how to simplify our lives enough for God to keep our attention.

I pray we live in such a way that God always has our attention.  Lord, may you have our hearts.

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