Monday, May 9, 2011


In my last blog entry, The Cinnamon Roll Effect, that I stated that I couldn't stand another day of singing "glory to God, glory to God, glory to God, forever."  Guess what was the first song we sang this Sunday?

Kim mentioned to me this last week that she questions whether the bible is for real, if it's true, if it actually happened and how we know.  This is a legitimate question and definitely worth considering.  In fact, I remember asking this very question; since Kim's never had a chance to ask that question, the time is now.

However, I also wonder if in the midst of going to church each week and being taught more and more stuff, do we get caught up on the facts, the figures, the information, and ask questions of fact while missing questions of faith?

I find that often enough the very things that are essential to our faith: loving those who are hated, giving to those who don't have enough to buy bread, living life together with others, challenging each other to know God better, and knowing Him ourselves...often are absent in church.  And so, I feel that if anything, attending and participating in "church" on Sundays leads us to ask questions about facts instead of God.  Because most of the time, there isn't anything truly spiritual happening in church.  We're all singing songs that have lost their meaning, or never had any, listening to someone teach us how to live, and we go home.  And sure, some of us are involved in small groups where we hang out, read a chapter out of a book or the bible, answer some questions (learn how to live better) and go home.  Where is the spirituality of this?

And so we miss out on the Spirit of God and learn stuff instead.  Well, I don't know about you, but I really don't need to learn much more.  I simply need to do what I already know I need to do.  Of course I know I need to love others, I don't need another lesson to tell me to do, or how to do, or why I should do this.  I simply need to do it...

This tension has been gnawing at me for weeks, maybe even months.  It's why my mind has been clogged and I haven't been able to blog.  But now, I feel like the flood gates have been opened (by the way, look out; I have many more blogs coming soon!).  Why?  Because we've decided.

After leaving church this Sunday I looked at Kim and said the very thing she was thinking, "we need to take a sabbatical from church." If anyone needs us Sunday morning, we'll be at home, resting and searching.

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