Sunday, May 15, 2011

Separating from the Noise

Kim and I have begun working our way through Psalms.  Why, you may ask?  Because it is our desire to find the heart of God over these next 6 weeks of Sabbatical.  And where better to turn the Psalms?

Immediately in just the first chapter of Psalms we are confronted wvith not only our own emotions and desires as humans but also with God's.  We find those who are delighting in the Lord and what is God doing?  He is watching over their path.  The Lord is watching over those who seek Him.  What a comfort, what a hope, what a peace, what a joy to know that the Master of the Universe is concerned with me and is watching over me to keep me close.

And it gets better the deeper we enter Psalms.  In the second chapter we see God willing to let those who refuse him follow their own path to destruction.  He allows us to receive what we seek.  If we seek a life of destruction, He will allow us to follow that path.  "But what a joy for those who take refuge in him."

This is the God we're searching for.  This is the God who we yearn for.  This is the God we know is far and near and here with us.  May these next few weeks allow us to separate ourselves from the noise around us.  From the media, from politics, from religion...May we quiet our lives enough to hear the whisper of our Lord calling to us amidst the noise.

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