Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worth Saying

Time is the patient man's friend and enemy of the rest of us.

I had the recent opportunity to spend time with a good friend and the day stopped in motion. 

It picked back up when we left, but at the time, time didn't matter.  We spoke of faith, work, friendship, Jesus and found ourselves breathing in the mysteries of it all...words worth saying.

I'm guilty too often of wasting words.  Of putting to death the power of this precious gift we've been given by speaking too much or too often or with very little substance.  If we want to have power with our words, should we not speak softly and with reserve?  For a soft word makes an ear lean in to listen and a voice not often heard holds the attention of us all.

So, I will be taking on a time of less words both in life and here.  I wish you all well in your journeys too.

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  1. I remember how you used to "sit up and listen" when Sarah or Flip would talk in small group. :)


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