Monday, April 23, 2012


About two months ago Kim and I talked about our church and how there seems to be many people struggling financially in one way or another.  Doing what I do, I instantly began thinking of how we can help our community.  I met with our pastor and another leader in the church to begin brainstorming about this and came up with a 6 week financial course that we will go through.  Through the input of Kim and me and these two leaders, we're going to cover the most important areas of planning, spend much of the time giving practical tips and troubleshooting, and also talk about a change in perspective.

The perspective change may be the most important part.  Essentially, how do we start placing less and less value on stuff and more on people?  How do we transition our hearts from how much should I give, to how much should I keep?  Instead of how much can I afford, how little can I pay?

Anyway, yesterday our pastor announced it to the church to get feedback from anyone who may be interested in participating.  2 people came up after or during church and said something like this:
"I've been praying about financial stuff for 2 months.  This is an answer to prayer!"

2 months?  Really?  From 2 different people?

After years of praying and believing, I still don't know much about how this prayer thing works.  Or how God works.  Or what on earth He is doing...But I would venture a guess that there is something going on here.  And I'm super-excited that we get to be a part of the journey.  Clearly, we're not steering the ship, but it's good to be participating!

I'll end with this quick illustration of how we join in on this journey which Paul used this Sunday:  A father is mowing his lawn and letting his son hang on to the handle of the lawn mower.  Together they are walking behind the mower cutting the grass.  The father is doing all of the work, but what does the kid thing?  "I'm mowing the grass!"  Thank you Father for letting us hang on and be part of Your work.

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