Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finding Our Pace

Have you ever gone running out in the heat and half way through nearly die from exhaustion? It's all about pace isn't it?

Kim and I have been running full out trying to find out where we are supposed to be, what we are to be doing, trying to gain glimpses of God to help us circle up onto the right path...but is it possible that we're out-running God? Have we passed Him up somewhere back there when we began and have taken a path all to our own? Pace matters.

If I am going to run with someone else, we clearly have to be going in the same direction, headed to the same place, on the same path, but if we're not on the same pace, we'll be separated in only a few strides!

After a weekend spent with grandparents moving through life at the speed of a rural, farming, country town, we noticed how much different our pace is compared to theirs. I tend to keep myself more busy than necessary doing things that really don't matter, often missing the things that do matter along the way...

A month ago Kim's grandmother passed away, last week a dear friend's mother passed away, this week it looks like my friend and assistant's father will pass away...

We have an undetermined amount of years on this rock, filled with only so many individual moments in which to do something with. I pray we don't waste them with busyness or by chasing after God when He is waiting for us to return several steps back. I pray that we keep our heads up, aware of the movement of those around us, the beauty of the nice day outside, the struggles of a friend, the laughter and tears of our life long companions.

I pray we do not get caught up in the pursuit of our next car or next promotion or next sale or next weekend or next child. Because under the thin veil of appearance, these things may really be unspoken desires forstatus, power, success, selfishness, control. May we be content. Yet strive for a better world for all of those who have neither power nor wealth, a voice or a future. May we align our pace with a God who moves in ways we often can't see, sing in tune with He who we often can't hear, and through the journey begin to taste the full flavor of the meal, drinking down the full cup of this life.

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