Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why We Are Where We Find Ourselves

6 months in and life is good, yet equally unhinged.  Like a beautiful ornate door laid aside of the doorway, not yet fitted into the hinges that give it meaning, we are here.  Here in Baton Rouge 600 miles away from a previous life, a few inches away from this next one, but we're left unhinged.

Kim and I have been talking constantly about why we're here.  We have no idea.  But in the meantime, we're running head first into as many doors as possible to see which ones are closed and which ones are open.  After a disasterous attempt at having a bunch of people over for our wine tasting Friday, we konw that that door for now is closed.  Clearly, using our home to invite people in in that way is not what we need to do. But what an amazing failure it was!  :)

If anyone is a lover of cheese, please let me know!  We have plenty left to share!

And about the right people?  I have no idea.  Jesus mentioned inviting the poor and the disabled and those who can't possibly ever repay you to your party.  Well, if we talk in these terms, our church may be a good group of people since it sounds like many of them are having a hard time financially.  But i'm sure there are poorer people.  Is this the point though?  That we debate about who the poorest of the poor are and then invite them to the party?  Go and round them up on buses and drop them off at our house?  If so, this is a pretty big ordeal and seems a little nuts.  But what do I know?

I guess I know one thing: Kim and I are going to keep on searching, keep on running straight into failure, into walls, and closed doors, until we begin to understand.  Hopefully it doesn't take too long to find out why we are where we find ourselves.

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