Monday, February 21, 2011

Like a Child

Friday I had lunch with a friend of mine, Jeff.  He and his wife Kim have 5 kids and love our Lord.  For the last year or so, they've been on a journey of faith that many of us cannot imagine.  They have been unemployed with no consistent income stream and yet have had ever bill paid and not been late once.

Don't get me wrong, they're working hard and being amazing stewards of what they have, but they are choosing faith rather than fear.  And for their 5 kids, this is likely to be the greatest testament and teaching moment in history: they are learning to follow and trust Jesus as a family.

My Kim and I were over at their home Sunday and it looks like the kids were having a ball.  Running around the yard with their newly adopted dog Charlie (or Chuck when the dog's getting on Jeff's nerves) the kids aren't missing a beat.  In fact, in many ways, the kids are helping lead the family in faith.

Jeff told me a story about how someone bought a ton of food for their family and came fully stocking their pantry.  When Kim announced to the family that God had provided them food, one of their children came into the room from playing a game, said "of course God gave us food" and went back to playing.  Both Kim and Jeff first thought he was being rude, but then decided that he was completely right!  Of course God will provide!

And so, we once again are led by the faith of a child.

Another thing Jeff said was that children who believe they have good fathers never worry about anything.  They know they'll be provided for every need.  And so they would be surprised if anyone even brought up the idea of being taken care of.  Instead, children who have bad fathers do worry about these things.

The problem is, I worry about these things and my Father epitomizes good.  Instead, I simply do not trust Him nor most of the time believe he is good.  If only I could capture the faith like a child.  Maybe we can.

Lord, may I truly believe You are good.  May I trust You.  May I believe that You will always provide for Kim and me.  May I have the faith like a child that is surprised by the idea of not trusting You.

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