Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Revolutions are Coming

What is going on in the Middle East?

Unless you’ve been living on the moon the past few weeks, you’ve surely notice that three countries are rioting to overthrow their governments: Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan.  Apparently, the ruling parties aren’t too thrilled with this reaction though and many have stepped up with violence or policy changes or even stepped down.

This is amazing to watch unfold.  It has dominated the headlines and commentary for weeks.  And I’ve been listening for every word for weeks and have been captivated by what's going on.  There is all kind of talk about why everyone is revolting at this moment.  They're comparing it to the civil rights movement here in America or the revolutions from tyranny we've seen worldwide.  Is it about political freedom? Economic?  Religious?  Is it the recession and lack of jobs, no income, no food for families?  Is it about repression, oppression, restitution, redistribution? 

Regardless of why, they are all laying their lives on the line to risk a possible regime change and ultimate freedom.  And it's inspiring.

What is it that I am united behind?  What would I fight to create, to protect?  What is worth laying it all on the line for?  Are there things I need to revolt from in my life?  Do I need to join in on a revolt somewhere else to help others fight for their lives?

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