Monday, February 7, 2011

Reeling in Vision

How much time have I spent thinking about what God’s vision for my life is?  It’s about time I ask God instead.  I spend way too much time thinking and not enough time asking.  The huge difference between the two is where I find myself.  I’m in the gap…

Do you ever get stuck on something?  Like a broken record keep chewing on the same idea, issue, same conflict, same struggle?  I feel that the question of vision has been a thought echoing in my head for years (yes, my head is hollow).  I’ve heard people talk about vision casting and I guess that sounds good.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to hear about vision casting for a church, mission, or job.  I need someone to cast vision over me, to help me see where I’m heading.  My eyes are too dull to see the distance.

Lord, help me see a larger vision for my life.  May You place people in my life to help clarify and articulate this vision.  But most of all, may I hear Your whispers in my ears, secretly confiding in me who I am becoming.  May I quiet myself from the noise of this world and my own thoughts enough to hear you speaking to me.  May I reel in the life that you are casting me into.

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