Sunday, March 20, 2011


After a week/weekend of work it is finished!  Kim and I have finally conquered the back deck!  It's clean and sealed!  And we're both extremely hungry and exhausted.  We may not be able to move tomorrow...

What a wonderful thing manual labor is!  To see your creation take form before your eyes, to see progress as it happens and then the fulfillment is such a good feeling!

I really believe one of my favorite things to do is manual labor.  That is why I like wood working, gardening, fixing things; there is something satisfying in it. But how much time have I traded these for other "entertainment" like video games or TV? 

I've got to quit wasting my time on the things of this world that have no value.  It's permeated my whole life and I'm just now at a point to identify the weeds in my mind and heart that have grown over the years.  I need help identifying all of the things in my life that do not add to my betterment--or worse, keep me from loving God or people.

Plus, why wouldn't we all go out and enjoy weather that is 70 degrees and sunny this whole weekend?  :)  Pretty good deal.

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