Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heart of God

What would life look like if we lived a minimalist life?  That we consumed equal to what we produced, that we balanced needs and wants, and spent equal time serving as we do working?

What truly brings happiness to people?  What truly brings joy?  Dr. Martin Seligman's research says that locus of control, self-esteem, optimism, etc. contribute to happiness.  But even more fundamental to our humanity is our desire for purpose in our lives.  So, what is a strong enough purpose to live a life of joy and happiness?  Is it really to work to bring in a paycheck to buy the things to support our lifestyle?

More and more I start thinking I'm a closet hippie, concealed in a suit.

I'm just tired of spending most of my life trying to get people to do things that only help themselves, but they instead fight against all of these things in an effort to buy the lifestyle they have been fooled into thinking they need.  I know this because I've been one of them and because I work with so many of them.

How can we awaken each other to who we really are: children of our Lord.  And that none of the things in this world matter when compared to knowing Him.  So why do we make a big deal out of all this stuff, financial or otherwise?  How can we spur each other to think not of this, but of the hearts of others and the heart of God?

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