Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stepping Out

A few weeks ago, I was driving around Mandeville when confronted with two paths: one to follow the path of God and the other of the path of normal America.  Quite literally.  I literally drove by a home with the exact same "K" sign in front of it that Kim and I have at our home.  It makes me remember that this transition isn't about us building the American dream or Kim and Matt's's about us following the calling and leadership of our Lord. 

Even better...I decided to drive through my old neighborhood and see our old home to reminisce on older days.  By the way-that was weird!  It's like a foggy dream remembering things that happened 5-10 years ago.  While driving down Sharp Road I had the thought: "what if our old house were for sale?  What if we bought that and settled into it with a new life here?"  Then lo and behold...our old house...for sale, which for some reason I envision as the path towards the typical American Dream and not of total abandonment to Christ.

We always have the temptation to step back into the crowd and away from God's guidance.  But I know God isn't calling us to follow in that path.  He's leading us elsewhere.  We just don't know where yet.

I had the great opportunity to have lunch with an old friend from high school.  He and I had gone to the same church growing up and ironically had a similar reaction leaving that church.  We had seen all of the negative things that organized religion does and we want no part of that.  It'll be interesting to see where we all end up.

Step one: step out in faith.

I feel that is what God has asked us to do now and that's what we're doing.  I think we've received no other instruction because God is giving us the opportunity to choose or not choose Him.  The trip was all about this one purpose.  He showed me that life outside of his plan is an option and we can choose to go down that path.  Once step one is finished, He'll let us know step two.  But for now, we're trusting and learning and keeping our eyes wide open to see the truth and the temptations.  Because too much is at stake to end up following a path that isn't God's.

May we all seek, all step out, and all come to know You more.

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