Friday, March 25, 2011

Master of Wait

I'm stuck in a moment.  Yeah, I probably use too many U2 references (Kim doesn't let me around the house!).

In business, spiritually, emotionally, gravitationally...stuck.  It's like the pendulum has reached the top of it's swing and is lingering awkwardly too long at the top.  Don't get me wrong, all are going well!  Business has never been better, spiritually, I'm wrestling with God and faith which is a good place to be, emotionally I'm probably a 7 or 8 out of 10, gravitationally...well, I haven't lost or gained weight in like 10 years.

It's the feeling of waiting that's driving me nuts!  As if we've readied the ships, set course, and are ready to release the sails and let the wind push us onward, yet must hold the ship back from sea.  Are we missing a passenger or cargo?!

Another opportunity to learn patience.  For whatever reason, I feel like I'm at one of those points in my life where we all get to when we're ready for a life-change, we do all we can to get ready to make it happen, but God's timing turns out to be different than ours.  If God is directing traffic, He must be letting someone else move because we're stalled.

So what do we do in the wait besides go stir-crazy?  How do we actively, passionately, energetically, faithfully wait?

Maybe there are lessons to learn from our dog Joey.  He sleeps and hangs out most of the day waiting for us to come home.  Yet it is an active waiting, he's always listening for mom or dad to come home.  And as soon as we do he's at the door wanting to tell us how much he loves us and missed us!

Is it possible that a dog "gets it" better than this highly advanced human?  Joey, the Master of the Wait.

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