Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sun Stand Still

I'm reading through the book Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick.  I highly recommend it!  He challenges us to believe God for the impossible.  To believe that God is as He claims to be and the scriptures chronicle He is.  Then, with that type of faith, the kind that truly believes God does the impossible, life changes.

The title comes from the story of Joshua who asked God to stop the sun so the Israelites could finish conquering the enemy whom the Lord had told them to defeat.  And what happened?  God stopped the sun.

Basic tenant of our faith: God not only hears us but also responds!  When we are following God's lead and ask for the impossible, our Lord responds!

This is so simple and obvious I'm sure to others, but I've spent much of my life speaking and not hearing.  I'd listen for a while, but wouldn't believe I'd hear back.  And I certainly haven't asked God to do the impossible.  I haven't wanted to test Him.  I've wanted to believe.  But instead, I have ended up believing in someone other than God.  Because God isn't limited to the imagination, strength, and ability of Matt.  He is capable of what Matt thinks is impossible.

Surely if we believe this, this would change the way we think, act, believe, speak...Because God is not only alive, but active.  So what's next?

God what would You have for us?  What do You want us to discover?  To change?  To step out in faith to do or believe or trust You to do in our lives?

How can we best serve You?  Honor You?

How can we best serve others?  Love others?

Guide us.  May we hear.  May we trust.  May we walk with your lead and ask for the impossible.  May we believe You to make the Sun Stand Still.

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